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Protective Holder for KBr Pressed Disks Containing Reactive Samples

Volume 22, Number 5 (Oct. 1968) Page 576-576

Staats, P.A.; Morgan, H.W.

Two basic approaches have been recommended for the preparation and handling of KBr disks containing chemically reactive samples. Several workers have suggested a "sandwich" technique, in which the sample is contained in the center of the disk, protected by outer layers of KBr. Since water does diffuse into the pressed disk, this delays but does not prevent reaction. Price and Maurer have described a method in which the sample is uniformly distributed through the KBr, and the surfaces protected by mounting the disk between alkali halide windows in a conventional demountable cell. While this method provides some protection against atmospheric water and oxygen, it is frequently necessary to have more rigorous control of the sample environment. The sample holder described here allows the KBr pellet to be held in vacuum, under an inert atmosphere, or in contact with reactive gases in a static or flow system. The reactivity of the sample and any changes in spectra may be easily determined.