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Simple Device for Preparing Polyethylene Liquid Cells for the Far Infrared

Volume 22, Number 5 (Oct. 1968) Page 582-583

Lyford, John; Edgell, Walter F.

Since it is difficult to remove solutions from the thin polyethylene cells which are frequently used in far infrared spectroscopy, it often becomes necessary to use a new cell for each measurement. Consequently, it seems desirable to describe a device which is suitable for fabricating these cells rapidly and inexpensively. The resulting cells have two further advantages for our work, much of which relates to oxygen and moisture sensitive solutions. Air tight seals are readily obtained with these cells, and the cells can be made of varying thicknesses of polyethylene. These last two properties are in contrast to those of the commercially available cells, which are sealed only with difficulty and which are available in only one thickness of polyethylene.