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Computerized Computation of Emission Spectrometric Data of Trace Elements in Biological Fluids

Volume 22, Number 5 (Oct. 1968) Page 552-557

Johnson, Richard S.; Niedermeier, William; Griggs, James H.; Lewis, Janice F.

It has been found that a four-constant generalized transcendental equation can be used to relate emission spectroscopy data to concentration of trace elements in biological fluids. For each element the constants in the empirical equation are evaluated by a three-step successive approximation, based on the data from standards. The functional relationship, which gives values well within the range of experimental error, is then used in the quantitative determination of the concentration of each of 17 trace elements in unknown samples. In these studies a Jarrell-Ash direct reading spectrometer was used. The entire procedure of data reduction and concentration printout was done on a digital computer.