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Pressed-Film Technique

Volume 22, Number 5 (Oct. 1968) Page 574-574

Camer, Dorothy; Martin, Marion; Medeck, Ernestine

The technique of pressing films reported by Coakley and Berry is similar to one used in our laboratory. In our case, a 1¼-in. x-ray die with separate, removable die faces (pellets) is used in an air-driven press in which only the top plate is heated. When the sample is placed directly on the die faces, it is difficult to pry the die faces apart after the pressure is removed. The sample film is frequently torn in the effort to get the die faces apart. To correct this situation, the sample is sandwiched between two pieces of Teflon film cut to the size of the die face. The sample-Teflon sandwich is placed between the die faces and pressure is applied. When the pressure is removed, the die faces separate immediately from the sample-Teflon sandwich. The Teflon film is then easily stripped from the sample without danger of tearing. The sample-Teflon sandwich can be reinserted between the die faces, if a thinner sample film is desired.