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Infra-Red Spectrometer with Cathode Ray Presentation

Volume 6, Number 2 (Feb. 1952) Page 3-7

Powell, H.

The first attempt to construct an infra red spectrometer with cathode ray presentation was reported in 1943 by Baker and Robb (1). Unfortunately, however, the actual performance of their instrument could not be assessed as no spectra were published. In 1946 Daly and Sutherland (2) reported the construction of a cathode ray infra red spectrometer which gave satisfactory performance over the range 1-16 μ. Design details of the instrument and photographs of spectra taken on it were published in January, 1947 (3). A similar type of instrument was also constructed by Thompson et al (4). More recently, a rapid scanning infra red spectrometer has been reported by Bullock and Silverman (5) and although this instrument is faster in operation than the previous ones, its range of usefulness is limited by the fact that the spectral response of the detector falls off rapidly to zero above about 3.5 μ.