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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Compounds Related to DDT: Part II. Aromatic Protons

Volume 22, Number 5 (Oct. 1968) Page 506-512

Sharpless, Norman E.; Bradley, Robert B.

The nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of the aromatic protons of DDT and 31 of its analogs and derivatives have been analyzed. Chemical shifts of these molecules are functions of the electronegativities of the substituents on the ring, as well as those in the aliphatic portion, although substitution of the ring chlorine in DDT by either a nitro or a t-butyl group leads to anomalous values. Molecular orbital calculations show that the chemical shift of the proton ortho to the ring substituent depends upon the π electron density at the corresponding carbon, but the chemical shift of the proton meta to this substituent is independent of the π electron density at the corresponding carbon. The data also indicate that the two aromatic rings in DDT are independent of each other.