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X-Ray Diffraction Analysis Techniques to Monitor Composition Fluctuations within the Mineral Group: Apatite

Volume 22, Number 5 (Oct. 1968) Page 412-414

Skinner, H.C.W.

Hydrothermal synthesis studies in portions of the system CaO-P2O5-H2O-CO2-F have produced apatites with composition variations. The lattice constants of the apatites have been determined using computer analyses of x-ray powder diffraction data. By this method compositional fluctuations of a phase within a mixture containing several phases can be monitored. Lattice characteristics of hydroxyapatite (molar CaO/P2O5=3.3) synthesized at pressures of 2000 bars and temperatures from 300° to 800°C from bulk compositions over the range 2.0 to 5.0 CaO/P2O5 are discussed.