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A Microprocessor-controlled Graphite Rod Direct Sample Insertion Device for Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry

Volume 37, Number 3 (June 1983) Page 250-254

Li-Xing, Zhang; Kirkbright, G.F.; Cope, M.J.; Watson, J.M.

A microprocessor-controlled graphite rod direct sample insertion device for use with an inductively coupled plasma is described and the accompanying software design is illustrated. The energy of the rf field and the plasma itself is used to carry out the programed sample drying and ashing stages prior to analyte vaporization. The rod position for drying aqueous solutions and for ashing an aqueous solution containing organic material has also been investigated. Automation of the graphite rod insertion device in the manner described improves the precision attainable by this technique; the system is shown to be suitable for trace element determinations in small liquid samples or directly with small solid samples.