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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum of 1-Hydroxy-2,3-Epoxypropane

Volume 22, Number 6 (Dec. 1968) Page 773-776

Leifer, A.; Goldstein, H.L.

The NMR spectrum of pure liquid 1-hydroxy-2,3-epoxypropane has been analyzed quantum mechanically. The analysis is greatly simplified by treating the protons on the propane chain as two separate ABX systems. The chemical shifts at 60 Mcps, relative to the internal standard tetramethylsilane (TMS), and the spin coupling constants were found to be vA = 168.1 cps, vB = 160.5 cps, vx = 188.8 cps, vA' = 232.2 cps, vB' = 212.8 cps, J AB = 5.2 cps, JA'B' = 12.7 cps, JXA = 4.5 cps, JXA' = 2.9 cps, JBX = 2.7 cps, JB'X = 5.3 cps. Using these parameters the calculated frequencies of the spectrum are in excellent agreement with the experimental values. The chemical shift of the hydroxyl proton was found to be 266.8 cps downfield from TMS.