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Absolute Disintegration Rate of Finite Gold Sample: Determination by Coincidence Techniques

Volume 22, Number 6 (Dec. 1968) Page 722-725

Dooley, John A.

A method has been developed for absolute disintegration rate determination of finite-sized, radioactive samples. Measurements were made on a 15-mg gold foil. The average disintegration rate was 2.163×105 for 24 determinations with a precision of 2.3%. Subsequent measurements yielded precisions as low as 0.5%. Conditions of bias settings, decay corrections, and coincidence resolving times were widely varied. The scintillation, coincidence equipment, including novel pulse timing, are mentioned. Data corrections, including accidentals and particle A in detector B are discussed. It is shown that the corrections are empirical and do not limit the absolute nature of the measurements. Some of the nuclear parameter requirements and spectroscopic implications are indicated.