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Optimal Detection Sensitivities in Activation with Fast Neutrons from an 241Am242CmBe Source

Volume 23, Number 1 (Feb. 1969) Page 5-7

Wing, James; Wahlgren, Morris A.

The detection sensitivities of 60 chemical elements in activation with the fast neutrons from an 241Am-242Cm-Be source have been measured. The source consisted of six slugs with a total output of 4.8×109 unmoderated neutrons/sec, and a flux of 1.4×108 fast neutrons/sec-cm2. In general, the sensitivity (counts in a selected photopeak per gram of target element) for each element was obtained with irradiation for two to three half-lives of the short product nuclide, and counting for the same length of time. Neither irradiation nor counting was longer than 1 h. The detector was a cylindrical thallium-activated sodium iodide crystal 10 cm long and 10 cm in diam. The measured sensitivities are compared with reported sensitivities in activation with thermal neutrons.