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Some Aspects of the Determination of the Microstructures of Polymers

Volume 23, Number 1 (Feb. 1969) Page 17-22

Binder, John L.

The importance of the correct polymer absorptivities for determining the microstructures of polybutadienes and polyisoprenes, particularly when one component is present in large amount, is shown. A method is described for determining both the major and minor polymer absorptivities and an application to the analyses of butadiene-isoprene copolymers is given. The absorptivities of cis- and trans-C(CH3)=CH at 890 cm−1, cis- and trans-C(CH3)=CH at 1155 cm−1 and 1130 cm−1, and of cis-CH=CH at 967 cm−1 are discussed.