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Mass Spectra of Organometallic Compounds. V. Some TT-Cyclopentadienyl Derivatives Not Containing Carbonyl Groups

Volume 23, Number 2 (April 1969) Page 148-156

King, R.B.

The mass spectra of the following compounds are reported: (1) the π-cycloheptatrienyl derivatives C5H5MC7H7 (M = V and Cr); (2) the π-pyrrolyl derivative C5H5 FeC4H4N; (3) the ethylene derivative C5H5Rh (C2H4)2; (4) the 1,5-cyclooctadiene derivatives C5H5MC8H12 (M = Rh or Ir); (5) the trimethylplatinum derivative (CH3)3PtC5H5; (6) the nickel and palladium complexes C3H5PdC5H5, C10H12OCH3PdC5H5, and C5H5NiC13H17. The following features of particular interest were observed: (1) evidence for elimination of neutral C6H6 fragments from the C5H5-MC7H7 compounds; (2) evidence for elimination of C2H2, HCN, C2H2N, C4H4N, and Fe fragments from the parent ion of C5H5FeC4H4N; (3) evidence for stepwise elimination of ethylene ligands from C5H5Rh (C2H4)2; (4) evidence for relatively weak metal-π-cyclopentadienyl bonds in the nickel and palladium derivatives.