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Transition Metal(II) Complexes of the Azines

Volume 23, Number 2 (April 1969) Page 160-164

Ferraro, J.R.; Zipper, J.; Wozniak, W.

The complexes of the Mn (II), Fe (II), Co(II), Ni(II), and Cu(II) halides with pyrazine (1,4-diazine), pyrimidine (1,3-diazine), and pyridazine (1,2-diazine) were prepared and studied by various physical methods. Reflectance spectra, infrared spectra from 4000-80 cm−1, and magnetic moments were determined. The data are suggestive of an octahedral environment involving halide and azine bridging in the 1: 1 complexes, and an octahedral environment involving halide bridging and terminal azines in the 1: 2 complexes.