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An Analytical Technique for Rapid Determination of Carbon in Cast Iron Using X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

Volume 38, Number 1 (Feb. 1984) Page 90-92

Pandey, H.D.

Quantitative analysis of steel for very light elements such as carbon using the x-ray fluorescence spectrometric techniques is beset with numerous practical difficulties. These problems owe their origin mainly to (i) their having very low magnitude of fluorescence yield and (ii) ultrasoftness of the x-ray photons generated by them. In spite of significant advances over the past 10-15 yr in (a) excitation sources, (b) dispersive spectrometers, (c) detection devices, and (d) reductions of optical path absorption, their exploitation for routine applications is still far from complete. The present state of developments in the area of very light element analysis is well-documented in excellent reviews by Henke, Baird, and Baun.