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Photographic Emulsion Calibration with the Use of a Digital Computer

Volume 23, Number 3 (June 1969) Page 268-273

Boswell, C.R.; Berman, S.S.; Russell, D.S.

A computer program, written in FORTRAN IV, has been developed for the calibration of photographic emulsions using the two-step method of Churchill. Innovations in this program are: (1) the proportional weighting of all points used in the construction of the preliminary curve to their precision of determination; (2) the examination of the preliminary curve of best fit with the rejection of spurious values; and (3) an automatic increase of the degree of the equation used if a random scatter of points about the preliminary curve has not been found. A table relating relative intensities to percent transmittance is printed and a data card containing the coefficients of the emulsion calibration curve is punched.