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Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of Minerals and Inorganics

Volume 23, Number 3 (June 1969) Page 219-223

Karr, Clarence; Kovach, John J.

Far-infrared spectroscopic analysis of minerals and inorganics was investigated. Far-infrared spectra, 200 to 50 cm−1 (50 to 200 μ), were obtained for 18 different minerals and inorganics, including 8 sulfides, 3 oxides, 3 carbonates, and 4 sulfates, many for the first time. Original analytical applications were made on samples of practical interest. These included the identification of cinnabar in a high-quartz ore, cuprite and tenorite in a mixture, calcite and dolomite in a coal refuse sample, dawsonite and dolomite in an oil shale, thenardite in a boiler deposit, and ferrous sulfate in the surface film on pyrite.