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Vibrational Spectra of Bis-(monothioacetylacetonato) Ni(II)

Volume 23, Number 3 (June 1969) Page 224-229

Agarwala, Umesh; Rao, P.B.h.a.s.k.a.r.a.

The infrared spectra of substituted acetylacetonates have been discussed in the light of normal coordinate analysis of bis-(monothioacetylacetonato) Ni(II) assuming methyl groups as point masses. The Urey-Bradley potential constants evaluated are found to be quite close to those of analogous systems studied earlier. The calculations show that each of the fundamental bands results from vibrational modes involving appreciable contributions from a number of bonds. The single major contribution from the stretching of C = S has been found in the 723 cm−1 band. This is in agreement with the other conjugated systems, like thioamides, studied earlier.