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Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Selected Unsaturated Carbonyl and -Dicarbonyl Compounds at High Temperatures

Volume 23, Number 5 (Oct. 1969) Page 532-535

Haskell, W.W.; Read, I.A.

The gas-phase absorption spectra of 2-methylpent-2-ene-4-one, 2-methylpent-1-en-3-one, transpent-3-en-2-one, pent-1-en-3-one, 2-methylpent-2-enal, 4-methylpent-2-enal, methacrolein, acrolein, acetylacetone, and 4-methylpentan-3-onal have been determined at 525°C and at a total pressure of 28.5 atm. The effect of temperature on the absorption has been investigated and, for comparison, the absorption spectra have also been determined in cyclohexane solution at room temperature.