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Slurry Atomization Direct Flame Emission Determination of Na and K in Hot Dogs

Volume 38, Number 2 (April 1984) Page 118-124

Fietkau, R.; Wichman, M.D.; Fry, R.C.

This report describes initial development of a slurry atomization method for rapid, cost-effective, near-direct determinations of sodium and potassium in hot dogs by flame emission. Samples were briefly homogenized in water. Na and K were thereby solubilized. Hot dog slurries were directly introduced with a Babington nebulizer into a clog-free air natural-gas burner. This cool flame eliminated ionization. Instrumental calibration was performed merely with separate aqueous standard solutions of NaCl and KCl. Ionization suppressants, internal standards, standard additions, matrix correction factors, matrix modifiers and matrix matching schemes were all found to be unnecessary for hot dog slurries directly analyzed with this system. The overall slurry atomization method eliminated the need for acids, fume hoods and lengthy sample preparation such as wet or dry ashing. Quantitative accuracy was achieved for near-direct determinations of weight percent Na and K in hot dogs. Total solid sample preparation plus analysis times were ≤5 min.