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Electronic Absorption Spectrum of ,,Trichlorotoluene

Volume 23, Number 5 (Oct. 1969) Page 549-550

Nair, K.P.R.; Amma, R. Ammini; Srivastava, M.P.

The vapor absorption spectra of a number of halogenated toluenes have been investigated recently. Most of this work has been limited to the substitution in the different positions of the benzene ring and hence it was thought to extend the studies to some α-substituted toluenes and the present work deals with the ultraviolet absorption spectrum of ααα,-trichloro-toluene (benzotrichlorotoluene) in vapor phase. Hamner and Matsen have reported few bands of this compound, but no analysis was given. Their main interest was to study the migration effect of electrons by the replacement of hydrogen atoms with strongly electronegative chlorine atoms. The infrared spectrum of this compound has recently been studied by Stephenson and Coburn. In the present note, the vibrational analysis of the uv-absorption spectrum is reported, and the observed excited state fundamentals are correlated with the ground state frequencies obtained in the infrared and Raman spectra.