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A Convenient Modification of the Moll Recording Microphotometer

Volume 7, Number 3 (Aug. 1953) Page 127-129

Bennett, H. Stanley; Quinton, Wayne E.; Mueller, Vernon C.

The Moll Recording Microphotometer, type A1, manufactured by P. J. Kipp and Zonen, Delft, Holland possesses many excellent features of mechanical and optical design. The adjustable vertical plate holder facilitates inspection of and access to the plate from either side during a scanning run. The light source, slit, and imaging system provide for resolution of better than 10 microns on the plate. The vacuum thermocouple photo-detector is simple, durable, and linear in response. The ready accessibility and simplicity of its optical and mechanical parts lend themselves conveniently to a wide variety of photometering and microdensitometric procedures, not only on spectroscopic plates, but on photomicrographs, electron micrographs, X-ray diffraction films, Schlieren diagrams, or other photographic records with odd geometry which may not be readily scanned along strictly rectilinear coordinates. The mechanical design and the workmanship of the finished instrument is of high quality.