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Low Temperature Sample Cell for a Laser Excited Raman Spectrophotometer

Volume 23, Number 6 (Dec. 1969) Page 622-623

Bates, John B.; Smith, William H.

A cryostat for obtaining the Raman spectra of liquid and solid organic compounds was designed for use on a Perkin-Elmer model LR-1 spectrophotometer using a helium-neon laser as the exciting source. The sample cell for the cryostat was designed to minimize the amount of sample required for obtaining good spectra. By focusing the laser beam, it was possible to reduce the beam to a size allowing samples as small as 0.15 ml of liquid to be used. Since such a small sample acted as a point source for the forward scattered light, it was necessary to construct a Pyrex sample cell which would act as a lens to focus the divergent light rays onto the instrument slits.