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Characterization and Use of the Silicon Intensified Target Vidicon Detector in Basic and Applied Research in Atomic Spectroscopy

Volume 38, Number 4 (Aug. 1984) Page 578-585

Olesik, John W.; Walters, John P.

In this paper we briefly discuss the operation of the silicon intensified target (SIT) vidicon, describing what we conclude to be the most important properties of the detector. We provide experimental evaluation of the SIT vidicon characteristics, including two-dimensional image fidelity, channel-to-channel and pixel-to-pixel response as a function of position on the detector, and temporal resolution and gating. We illustrate how these unique properties enhance our ability to make spectroscopic measurements, as well as how, at the same time, they impose limitations on the use of the SIT vidicon. We describe a variety of experiments which employed an SIT vidicon detection system for atomic spectroscopy with various degrees of spatial and temporal resolution.