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Enhancement of the Atomic Absorption of Iodine in Hydrogen-Entrained Air Flames

Volume 38, Number 4 (Aug. 1984) Page 590-592

Klein, M.A.; Heithmar, E.M.

Hydrogen-entrained air flames diluted with either argon or nitrogen are used to atomize iodine in aqueous solutions. The iodide ion present in the sample is oxidized to elemental iodine with acidic dichromate before being aspirated into the flame. Sensitivity (concentration I per 1% absorption) in either flame after preliminary oxidation is about 0.6 ppm with a 10-cm single slot burner. Sensitivity without addition of the acidic dichromate reagent is about 150 ppm. Either hydrogen-entrained air flame yields absorbance value about eight times greater than those obtained with a fuel-rich air-acetylene flame when the iodide is oxidized to elemental iodine.