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Equipment for High-Pressure Infrared Measurements

Volume 24, Number 1 (Feb. 1970) Page 21-27

Fang, C.S.; Fox, J.V.; Mauk, C.E.; Prengle, H.W.

Since vibrational frequency shifts in liquids, produced by solvents and/or high liquid densities, are relatively small, precision equipment and techniques must be used. Design and operation of modified equipment, including a long path grating monochromator, a pressuring system and cells for pressures up to 5000-10000 atm are described. A static measurement technique, involving precise positioning of the grating and read out of the transmittance on a digital voltmeter, followed by computer processing of the series of points which describe the absorption peak to determine the ν0, are also described. Experimental data on C=C vibration on cis-pentene-2 are presented to illustrate results.