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n-* Electronic Emission and Absorption Spectra of o-Fluorobenzaldehyde in Vapor Phase

Volume 24, Number 1 (Feb. 1970) Page 36-41

Srivastava, M.P.; Singh, I.S.

The electronic emission and absorption spectra of o-fluorobenzaldehyde have been studied. The emission spectrum recorded on a Fuess glass and a medium quartz spectrograph lies in the region 26 668-17 862 cm−1 and the absorption spectrum recorded on a Zeiss Q-24 medium quartz spectrograph lies in the region 30 995-24 610 cm−1. The O-O band has been observed at 26 337 cm−1. The C=O stretching frequency 1733 cm−1 in the ground state and 1355 cm−1 in the excited state is most intense and forms progressions of bands both in the emission and absorption spectra. The observed bands have been interpreted as combinations of the C=O stretching frequency and its multiples with other fundamentals. The transition involved is A'-A" (n-π*).