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A High Throughput Optical Accessory for Improved Measurement of the Infrared Spectra of Diffusely Scattering Samples: Description and Assessment

Volume 38, Number 5 (Oct. 1984) Page 700-705

Jakse, Frank P.; Friedman, Robert Mark; Freeman, John J.

The performance of a high throughput optics bench (HTOB) was compared to the conventional collection optics of an FT-IR spectrometer. Samples were studied as pressed KBr wafers or self-supporting wafers. The former sample preparation suppresses scattering but limits adsorption studies for these samples; in this instance, the HTOB showed no distinct advantage over the straight transmission (STTR) optics. For samples exhibiting significant scattering, the modified optics showed a ~5/1 improvement in signal-to-noise for the transmission spectrum compared to that obtained in the conventional configuration. This offers a 25-fold reduction in data collection time for comparable spectra. This amelioration was graphically demonstrated in the study of adsorption of n-butylamine on titania. The relative contribution of the components of the HTOB to the improvement, the limitations of the accessory, and the range of applicability are discussed.