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Low-Temperature Infrared and Raman Spectra of Co(CH3COO)24X2O (X = H, D)

Volume 38, Number 5 (Oct. 1984) Page 710-714

Raghuvanshi, G.S.; Khandelwal, D.P.; Bist, H.D.

The infrared spectra (4000-200 cm−1) at 300 K and 95 K, and Raman spectra (4000-40 cm−1) at 300 K and 130 K of the titled compounds are reported. A varying degree of deuteration has been used to assign the modes of water. Analysis of the spectra confirms the known structure that has one type of acetate ion and two types of water groups in the unit cell. H2O(I) retains approximately C2v symmetry while H2O(II) is distorted to Cs.