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ICP Emission Spectra III: The Spectra of the Group IIIA Elements and Spectral Interferences Due to Group IIA and IIIA Elements

Volume 38, Number 5 (Oct. 1984) Page 625-634

Anderson, T.A.; Parsons, M.L.

The spectra of the group IIIA elements observed in an ICP have been tabulated in the wavelength range from 1995 to 6005 Å. These spectra have been compared to a list of those analytical lines most commonly used for the 71 elements analyzed for by an ICP. The results of these comparisons have been used to develop spectral interference tables which predict those spectral interferences due to the group IIIA elements in ICP spectroscopy. In addition, the spectral interferences due to the alkaline earth elements have been included.