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Optical Phonons of ZnS1xSex and CdS1xSex Mixed Crystals: Pressure Effects

Volume 24, Number 2 (April 1970) Page 187-192

Ferraro, J.R.; Mitra, S.S.; Postmus, C.; Hoskins, C.; Siwiec, E.C.

The ir transmission of the optical phonons for the mixed crystals ZnS1−xSex, and CdS1−xSex, at various concentrations of x, was studied as a function of pressure up to about 43 kbar. At all concentrations a two-mode behavior was observed. For both systems the high frequency mode exhibits a greater pressure dependence than the low frequency mode. The gap mode observed for the ZnS1−xSex mixed crystals at low concentrations of Se is found to be pressure insensitive as contrasted to the Cd1−xSex mixed crystals.