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The Spectrochemical (ICP-AES) Determination of Tungsten in Tungsten Ores, Concentrates, and Alloys: An Evaluation as an Alternative to the Classical Gravimetric Procedure

Volume 38, Number 6 (Dec. 1984) Page 887-890

Brenner, I.B.; Erlich, S.

A comparison is made of the precision and accuracy of the conventional WO3-gravimetric inductively coupled plasma atomic emission (ICP-AES) determination of macro amounts of tungsten in tungsten ores, concentrates, and alloys. Pure tungsten powders are readily dissolved in hydrogen peroxide. Samples having a complex mineralogical and metallurgical composition are conveniently dissolved by fusion with sodium peroxide and the solution stabilized with the employment of phosphoric acid. For ICP-AES analysis, the use of Sc(II) 361.384 as an internal standard reduces short-term variability by a factor of three, producing data that compare favorably with those obtained by the classical cinchonine-tungstic acid procedure and with those quoted in the literature for NBS 277.