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Remote Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for the Detection and Removal of Salt on Metal and Polymeric Surfaces

Volume 60, Number 10 (Oct. 2006) Page 1188-1191

Bengtsson, M.; Grönlund, R.; Lundqvist, M.; Larsson, A.; Kröll, S.; Svanberg, S.

The detection of contamination such as salt in outdoor high-voltage insulator systems and its subsequent removal are vital for a reliable transmission of electric power. Remote detection of salt on a copper metal surface was carried out by using a mobile laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) Lidar system with a laser wavelength of 355 nm. Detection of salt on a polymeric high-voltage insulator was obtained when an additional lens was inserted into the beam path, and the number of photons that was detected could be calculated by using a calibrated white light source. Ablative cleaning could readily be carried out with LIBS and was verified by observing the disappearance of the sodium D-line emission.