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Using the KramersKronig Method to Determine Optical Constants and Evaluating Its Suitability as a Linear Transform for Near-Normal Front-Surface Reflectance Spectra

Volume 60, Number 9 (Sept. 2006) Page 1004-1007

Kocak, A.; Berets, S.L.; Milosevic, V.; Milosevic, M.

In this paper, the suitability of using the Kramers-Kronig transform to routinely extract optical constants from near-normal incidence reflectance spectra of solids and liquids is demonstrated. In addition, the possibility of utilizing the Kramers-Kronig transform as a linearizing transform for near-normal incidence reflectance spectra is investigated. Also, several commercial Kramers-Kronig software packages were utilized in determining the optical constants from the near-normal incidence reflectance of Plexiglas. Unexpectedly, the results produced by the various packages differed significantly. The near-normal reflectance of water was measured, the Kramers-Kronig transform was applied to extract the optical constants of water, and the result was compared to values found in the literature. Furthermore, the Kramers-Kronig transforms of near-normal incidence reflectance spectra of various concentrations of sugar in water were calculated to evaluate its use as a linearizing transform for quantitative applications.