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Ultraviolet and Infrared Spectrophotometric Analysis of an Insect Repellent Mixture

Volume 8, Number 2 (May 1954) Page 67-70

Sassaman, Warren A.; Cohen, S.P.

A spectrophotometric procedure employing measurements in both the ultraviolet and infrared regions was developed to determine the concentrations of N-butyl acetanilide, benzyl benzoate, 2-ethyl, 2-butyl propanediol-1,3 and Tween 80, in a mixture containing only these four components.

The first two components have relatively strong absorptivities in the ultraviolet at 227.5 and 280.3 milli-microns, while the latter two have absorption bands at the infrared wavelengths, 8.99 and 9.60 microns. By substituting the absorptivities at these wavelengths in a set of four simultaneous equations, the percentage of each component in an insect repellent mixture is calculated.