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A Microcomputer-Controlled Simultaneous Multielement Nondispersive Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer

Volume 39, Number 1 (Feb. 1985) Page 128-136

Naranjit, D.A.; Radziuk, B.H.; Rylaarsdam, J.C.; Larkins, P.L.; Van Loon, J.C.

An eight-channel multielement nondispersive AFS spectrometer based on the time division multiplex method and fitted with a Commodor PET 2001 microcomputer to control lamp firing and for data manipulation is described. The pulsed behavior of ten EDLs with respect to rf power, mode of pulsing, and step frequency is examined. This device is tested with the use of an air-acetylene flame atomizer. An in-depth examination of light scattering showed that such scattering depends on the particular analyte lamp, the angle of detection, and the sample matrix. Scatter correction in the analysis of NBS bovine liver, orchard leaves, fly ash, and river sediment was done with the use of a lamp of an element not present in the sample. Results are mixed, with good values being obtained for elements present in a sample matrix in which the analyte signal is appreciably greater than the scatter signal. Detection limits for ten elements in an air-acetylene flame are given for three different lamp duty cycles. The detection limits, generally, were comparable to those obtainable by ICP-AES, ICP-AFS, and flame AAS. Simultaneous multielemental analysis (up to eight elements) is possible with the proposed equipment.