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Formaldehyde Detection in Air by Laser-Induced Fluorescence

Volume 39, Number 1 (Feb. 1985) Page 98-101

Möhlmann, G.R.

A method is described for the instantaneous concentration measurement of formaldehyde (H2CO) in air by laser-induced fluorescence of the H2CO (Ã1A"-X1A1) electronic transition. Concentrations down to about 13 ng/litre (about 10 ppb) can be determined in about 100 seconds without any sample collection, water extraction, or further chemical treatment. The influence of the presence of water vapor and methanol vapor in the air on the accuracy of the method has been investigated. It appeared that if the humidity of the ambient air is not taken into account, the detection limit is about 0.15 ppm H2CO in air; the presence of methanol has no influence on the accuracy.