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Infrared Absorption Spectra of Vinyl Esters of Carboxylic Acids

Volume 24, Number 5 (Oct. 1970) Page 495-498

McManis, George E.

The ir spectra of compounds containing the vinyl ester group exhibit absorption bands that allow them to be readily distinguished from other monosubstituted ethylenic compounds and from other esters. The vinyl C=C stretching vibration is a strong sharp band at 1640 cm−1, which is quite useful in analytical procedures. The C-H stretching vibrations of the vinyl ester group are observed as two weaker bands at 3117 and 3040 cm−1 flanking a larger sharp band at 3091 cm−1. In-plane C-H deformation bands are noted at 1413, 1291, and 1092 cm−1, while out-of-plane deformations are at 947, 868, and 603 cm−1. The stretching vibration of the ester carbonyl is a strong sharp band at 1754 cm−1. The C-O stretching region is dominated by a very strong band at 1142 cm−1.