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Development of a Continuous-Flow Hydride and Mercury Vapor Generation Accessory for Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry

Volume 39, Number 1 (Feb. 1985) Page 48-56

Sturman, B.T.

The design and performance characteristics of a continuous-flow vapor generation accessory for atomic absorption spectrophotometry are reported. When used with a conventional atomic absorption spectrophotometer, the accessory provides analytical sensitivity for mercury, arsenic, selenium, antimony, bismuth, tellurium, and tin equal or superior to that of a batch-type vapor generation devicé. Sample presentation, sample consumption, precision of measurement, and simplicity of operation are similar to those of flame atomic absorption with a pneumatic nebulizer. Details of the construction of the continuous-flow manifold, gas/liquid separator, and absorption cells are discussed, and the effects of reagent concentrations and carrier gas flow rates are shown. Characteristic concentrations and analytical curves for the above elements are also presented.