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Emission Spectrometric Determination of Trace Elements in Biological Fluids

Volume 25, Number 1 (Feb. 1971) Page 53-56

Niedermeier, William; Griggs, James H.; Johnson, Richard S.

An emission spectrometric method of analysis is described, in which trace quantities of copper, iron, aluminum, barium, manganese, nickel, cesium, tin, strontium, chromium, zinc, lead, molybdenum, and cadmium were determined in blood serum. The sample preparation, starting with 2.0 ml of blood serum, is discussed in detail. The source of excitation was a 10 A dc arc. Quantitation was achieved with a direct reading emission spectrometer. The metal concentration, in micrograms per 100 ml of blood serum, was calculated from the experimental data by means of a computer.