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An Improved Semiquantitative Spectrochemical Method

Volume 25, Number 1 (Feb. 1971) Page 37-40

Long, T.S.

A critical examination of commonly used semiquantitative techniques has been completed. Improved precision and accuracy have allowed analysis on sample sizes of 10 mg with no prior knowledge of chemical composition. A comparison of various matrices such as graphite, lithium carbonate, and lithium fluoride is included. Data on the precision and accuracy of each matrix in air and argon-oxygen atmospheres are also presented. A lithium fluoride-graphite matrix showed the best over-all results. The deviation from established values was approximately 15% and the coefficient of variation was also 15%. This study was completed under rigorous conditions with single determinations. Results were taken over a two year period and nearly 500 single determinations were used to complete the data.