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Atomic Absorption Determination of Titanium and Vanadium in Uranium Concentrates

Volume 39, Number 2 (April 1985) Page 222-226

Batistoni, Daniel A.; Smichowski, Patricia N.

An atomic absorption procedure was developed for the determination of titanium and vanadium in medium-purity uranium products (yellow-cakes). Samples equivalent to 4 g uranium were dissolved in 5.5 M nitric acid. Titanium and vanadium were separated from the uranium matrix by column extraction chromatography with the use of tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP) supported on polytrifluorochloroetylene (Kel-F)® powder. A nitrous oxide-acetylene flame was employed to estimate the concentration of the analytes in the nitric phase. The precision was about 3% relative standard deviation for both elements, with detection limits of 60 μg/g for Ti and 30 μg/g for V. The influence of Al, Fe, and PO43- on the measured absorbance values and mutual interferences effects between Ti and V were investigated.