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Infrared Determination of Barium, Strontium, and Calcium Carbonates, Singly and Together, by the Pellet Technique

Volume 25, Number 2 (April 1971) Page 226-228

Chasan, David E.; Norwitz, George

Methods are proposed for the ir determination of barium, strontium, and calcium carbonates, singly or together, by the pellet technique. The sample is weighed into a tarred mortar using a semi-microbalance and is mixed with 300 mg of potassium bromide. The pellet is then formed and the peak heights are determined at the appropriate peak. The measurements for barium, strontium, and calcium carbonates are made at 693 cm−1, 704 cm−1 (or 698 cm−1), or 712 cm−1, respectively. The method for the mixed carbonates can be used down to a concentration of 5% of the minor ingredient. Sulfates and nitrates do not interfere with any of the procedures.