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Elimination of the Intraion Spectral Interference between the 5D0 and 5D1 Emission Bands of Eu3+ in EuP5O14 by Using the Time-Resolved Spectroscopy Technique

Volume 39, Number 3 (June 1985) Page 546-549

Laulicht, I.; Peer, I.

The advantage of the time-resolved spectroscopy technique for reducing the spectral interference between the 5D0 and 5D1 emission lines of Eu3+ ions in EuP5O14 crystals is explained in detail. It is shown that this technique may be very helpful for rare earth ions fluorescence studies in general whenever a group of two or more neighboring levels emit photons to the same lower levels but their lifetimes are different. The wavelengths of many new lines of the 5D07Fj (j = 3-6) emission bands of Eu3+ in EuP5O14 are measured by this technique.