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Modified Micro Sample Support for X-Ray Emission Spectrography

Volume 25, Number 3 (June 1971) Page 383-383

Nickey, David A.; Rice, James O.

When quantitatively analyzing small quantities of liquids or powders by x-ray fluorescence spectrometry, sample handling technique becomes extremely important in achieving repeatable results. The fluorescent intensity of the element being analyzed in the sample is dependent upon element concentration, matrix composition, placement in the primary beam, and the penetration depth of the primary beam. For the usual quantitative applications, the specimen thickness must be greater than the “critical” penetration depth of the primary beam for reliable results. Where the quantity of sample is sufficient, conventional sample cups work well. However, where less than 1 ml of liquid or 1 g of solid is available for analysis, the quantity necessary to satisfy the above requirement may not be met.