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Far Infrared and Raman Spectra of (CH3)3SiCo(CO)4

Volume 25, Number 2 (April 1971) Page 182-186

Durig, J.R.; Meischen, S.J.; Hannum, S.E.; Hitch, R.R.; Gondal, S.K.; Sears, C.T.

The ir spectra of (CH3)3SiCo(CO)4 in the gaseous (4000-250 cm−1) and solid (4000-33 cm−1) phases have been recorded. The Raman spectrum has also been recorded for the solid state. To aid in the assignment, the ir and Raman spectra were recorded of solid (CH3)3SiH. The vibrational assignment for most of the 60 normal modes has been given on the basis of the fundamental vibrations of the -Si(CH3)3 and -Co(CO)4 moities. The static field was sufficiently strong to split the degenerate modes but the correlation field was so weak that no definite splitting of the symmetric modes was detected.