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A Heated Infrared Cell

Volume 9, Number 4 (Nov. 1955) Page 177-177

Mattraw, H.C.

Infrared studies of various materials which are either corrosive and/or of low vapor pressure at room temperature are conviently handled with a very simple, inexpensive gas cell. The type of cell described below has been used successfully at temperatures up to 125°C for studies of such materials as titanium tetrachloride, uranium and iridium hexafluorides (1), as well as chromium, molybdenum and tungsten carbonyls (2). The cell can be used with either Perkin-Elmer or Baird Spectrometers. The AgCl windows permit infrared investigations for both the sodium chloride and potassium bromide regions of the spectrum while KRS-5 windows are useful out to 40μ.