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Investigation of the Mixing Efficiency of a Chaotic Micromixer Using Thermal Lens Spectrometry

Volume 60, Number 5 (May 2006) Page 564-567

Ghaleb, Khalil Abbas; Stephan, Khaled; Pittet, Patrick; Ferrigno, Rosaria; Georges, Joseph

This work investigates the efficiency of a chaotic micromixer using thermal lens spectrometry. The outlet of the mixing device was connected to a thermal lens detection head integrating the probe beam optical fibers and the sample capillary. The chaotic micromixer consisted of a Y-shaped poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) microchip in which ribbed herringbone microstructures were etched on the floor of the main channel. Due to the solvent composition dependence of the thermal lens response, the photothermal method was shown to be highly sensitive to nonhomogeneous mixing compared to fluorescence detection. The apparatus was applied to the determination of Fe2+ with 1,10-phenanthroline using flow injection analysis; a limit of detection of 11 μg L−1 of iron was obtained.