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Indexing of Data on Ultraviolet Absorption Spectroscopy

Volume 9, Number 4 (Nov. 1955) Page 158-165

Kendall, C.E.

One of the most serious problems in spectroscopy at present is that of searching the literature. The very high rate of publication of data alone makes it difficult to keep pace with the current literature, but the problem is further complicated by the fact that many of the data are scattered through papers not primarily spectroscopic, and it is necessary to search the journals page by page. The versatility of spectroscopy also contributes to the difficulty, since one laboratory may have to tackle a very wide range of problems. There is a very real need therefore for a means of lightening the labor involved in literature searching. In the infra-red field, there are several schemes already in existence for filing and indexing data, but as far as the author is aware, there is no similar system in use on a large scale for electronic absorption spectroscopy. It seems to be generally accepted that indexing on the basis of structure is much more difficult for UV than IR, and this is probably partly responsible for the delay.