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Ms= 2 Transitions of Benzophenone and Derivatives in the Phosphorescent Triplet State Via Fast-Scan Flash-Synchronized ESR

Volume 25, Number 4 (Aug. 1971) Page 460-465

Yamanashi, Bill S.; Mazza, Carl; Bowers, Kerry W.

ΔMs = ±2 transitions of benzophenone, p-hydroxybenzophenone, p-methyl-benzophenone, p-aminobenzophenone, benzyl, xanthane-9-one, fluorene-9-one, and thio-xanthane-9-one in EPA glass at 77 K were observed with a fast-scan flash-synchronized X-band ESR spectrometer. Instrumentation which may be useful in the observation of ΔMs = ±2 transitions in similar short-lived SO molecules is discussed.